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The blog  is all about separation from the normal points-of-view of common people. It consists of write-ups made with a critical mind. Expecting for something specific from this blog is not a really good idea.

This blog saw light on 07 October 2009, after a ridiculous, failed attempt at blogging, with the first post entitled 'The Plight of the Submersible Flashlight'.

The author is a Business Administration graduate from the Mindanao State University in General Santos City, the Philippines. He is an advocate of equal economic and educational opportunities for mankind, and is a person who simply loves to give out rants about everything odd that he sees. He has served as the Editor-in-Chief of his university’s student publication for two years, a public speaker but hasn't spoken in public for a couple of months to date, a certified netizen who must access the internet on any device at least once a day, and is fascinated with marvel engineering, technological and scientific stuff. He is now taking his time to ponder on the proper stepping stone for his still to be determined career.