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Shampoos and the 'No Tears' Formula

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Posted on Saturday, October 10, 2009 | By Alexis | In

Philippine Pesos

It's has been sometime already that I realized that human eyes and shampoo do not go well.

If only all shampoos in the Philippine market are those with the 'no more tears' formula, I wouldn't be complaining to the multinational companies existing in the Philippines what churn out sachets of Rejoice shampoos and even got Filipinos into tricking that those sachets do really have 20% more in the sachets (unfortunately, I believed them).

The title of this post may also be "the government is not for the people". Well, the citizens, that is. But the difference is, Filipinos have fully-realized long-ago that the Philippine government was never for the Filipinos. By the way, there's no point in discussing this issue, as all of us already complained about the government. If only all the officials in the government are those with the 'no pockets filled' attitude, everything will be fine. But the thing is, they're not.

The Plight of the Submersible Flashlight

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Posted on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 | By Alexis | In


Nowadays, the world is getting filled with products that are either destined to improve our lives (though sometimes unnecessary in the first place), or to ruin it.

No other invention has revolutionized the speed on how people move but the wheel. Technology has brought us wonderful, and some not-so-wonderful creations, that are the products of either incredible human minds or by uncredible mad scientists whose joys in life are to churn out useless, expensive stuff.

Indeed, inventions and the innovations in such inventions have created better lives people on Earth. Sadly, there are some technological advancement that has never served their intended purposes in the first place. Mobile phones with cameras were perhaps created by the inventor with wonderful sunsets and happy family smiles in mind. Who could have thought that the camera-phones could be used to shoot the latest video scandal to flood the cyberspace?