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The Real Nationalism

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Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 | By Alexis | In

Pilipino Ako! Thanks, beddytearTM
It may have occurred to some that Filipinos are some of the most nationalistic people that this world has ever seen. Filipinos take pride of having a democratic nation that usually hits international news headlines that tells of stories of Filipinos who are willing to exchange their lives for a free nation, a nation that peace-loving people have always dreamed of. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Ninoy Aquino, yes, nationalistic Filipinos who exchanged their lives all in the name of the Philippines, a nation that few have loved, a nation that many have pretended to love.

The socio-economic conditions that continue to worsen by the day may be the very reasons for the rapid day-to-day decrease of Philippine nationalism. Any middle- to lower-class Filipino who may happen to be asked on what they feel about the current state of their beloved native land, an instant answer would be an answer of disappointment. It is sad to note that despite the rapid industrialization of the country, the poor become poorer, and the rich become richer. An even sadder fact is that the rich who become richer are not Filipinos, but foreigners who fill up their pockets with products of Philippine soil and Filipino sweat, and leave the poor people behind with only wages that are never enough to fill up stomachs with real food and minds with real education.