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Thank you, Opera! (UPDATED!)

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Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 | By Alexis | In

LG Viewty KU990

I've been using Opera ever since I landed my hands on my very first PC (and Java-enabled mobile). My experience on Opera has been truly fantastic! I wouldn't use it as my exclusive browser if it weren't that great! But unexpectedly, I have received more than the best internet experience that anybody could ever have. I also received great Opera stuff, thanks to the Opera Campus Crew! Thank you, Opera Software, for the following:

  • A cool Opera laptop/messenger bag - my prize for being one of the most active members of the Campus Crew for the June-December 2008 semester. All I need is a laptop to use the bag!
  • A 'Moods of Norway and Opera' shirt - for being one of those who contributed great ideas to the last Campus Crew brainstorming chats. It's a limited edition shirt!
  • A black Opera Campus Crew uniform shirt
  • Opera pens and notepads
  • A bright red Opera umbrella - my prize for being one of the Campus Crew to receive 50 affiliate points when Opera 10 was released. Perfect for rainy Philippines!
  • A red Opera notebook - Bundled with the affiliate points contest. It's large! The thing is, I don't usually take down notes during classes.
  • A red Opera hooded sweater - a prize for being one of the gold members, January to June 2009. 
  •  An Opera baseball cap – still for being a Gold member
  • An LG Viewty KU990 Mobile phone with HSDPA and a 5.1-megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach lens- another Gold member prize. At last! A replacement for my good ol’ N70 that gives up its last breath everytime I go online for only an hour!
  • An Opera "Browse Me" shirt + Opera lanyard + button pins + Norwegian candy - for winning in the Christmas Quiz of My Opera 
  • A brand-new Nintendo DSi gaming console with Opera browser- my first handheld gaming console after the brick game! A gold member prize for July to December 2009
  • An embossed Opera Software portfolio - perfect and beautiful for carrying documents while doing business, a gold member prize for July to December 2009
  • An Opera Software 2GB USB Flash Disk - every person who uses the computer daily needs a flash disk, and I have lost three of those already. Thanks, Opera! Just in time!

Thank you, Opera Software! These stuff gives me more and more reasons to love Opera!

If you are a student or an educator who is passionate in promoting web standards and Opera browsers, visit the Opera Education website and join the Campus Crew now! To check out the latest happenings in the Campus Crew, go to the Opera Campus Crew blog.

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