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The Plight of the Submersible Flashlight

Posted on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 | By Alexis | In


Nowadays, the world is getting filled with products that are either destined to improve our lives (though sometimes unnecessary in the first place), or to ruin it.

No other invention has revolutionized the speed on how people move but the wheel. Technology has brought us wonderful, and some not-so-wonderful creations, that are the products of either incredible human minds or by uncredible mad scientists whose joys in life are to churn out useless, expensive stuff.

Indeed, inventions and the innovations in such inventions have created better lives people on Earth. Sadly, there are some technological advancement that has never served their intended purposes in the first place. Mobile phones with cameras were perhaps created by the inventor with wonderful sunsets and happy family smiles in mind. Who could have thought that the camera-phones could be used to shoot the latest video scandal to flood the cyberspace?

For me, the next biggest and most important invention of all time after the trusty wheel, that even took Neil Armstrong to the Moon, is the Web (and of course, the PC). I have to admit, the internet is as important to me as eating and sleeping. It is normal for me to continually search for something that will help make my experience on the World Wide Web even better than ever. And after finding great things in the dusty corners of the Web, I share it to people so that their internet experiences would not only be limited to checking emails on Yahoo and copying and pasting content searched from Google and using such to get them through college.

What makes my internet experience even better is the never-ending competition of companies to churn out with the best browser that will get us through the internet traffic. Some of them are just like TV stations – all claiming to be number one in all sorts of criteria that even the nerdest of nerds could not think about. But the thing is, only one browser has never failed me – Opera. Even just with Opera Unite, Opera will blow the heads off any internet user. Who could have thought of everyone having a web server? The bottomline? The consumers win, along with the company that has proven its claims right. The useless ones will have reign for a bit more, and be thrown straight to the bin, along with the trendy submersible flashlight that drowned.

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