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The Epson LX-300

Posted on Saturday, September 11, 2010 | By Alexis | In

I was lucky not to belong to the generation where tech specs surprise people like, "Whoah! It prints three pages a minute!", or "Gee, it prints in color with a single ribbon!"

But then, I am lucky to be in a generation to have seen the best of the world's dot-matrix printers - the Epson LX-300! Who cannot ignore the awfully annoying sound as the LX-300 prints? And who could have imagined that multiple copies can be printed using the good ol' carbon paper? An office, nowadays, isn't complete without at least one Epson LX-300 printer stinging every ear in the room.

The LX-300 beats all other printers in durability and reliability. A small paper jam is no big deal with just a slight turn of the paper feeder knob. Say bye to little clogs in the printer with a few smudges of grease and oil on the parts. Little bangs on the side (that'll break new inkjet printers) are the secret knocks to the 'Continue Printing' function. These all make every inkjet and laser printer green with envy and nod in amazement of their predecessors

I was once the 'chief mechanic' of the Epson LX-300 printers in the school publication office when I was in college. And, boy, no other printer has outlived the good old Epson LX-300 dot matrix printer and its awful, but satisfying whine.

What about you? What's your Epson LX-300 story?

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