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The 4th Generation of Apple's iPod Touch

Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

I still cannot get over yesterday's unveiling of the 4th generation of the iPod Touch line. I bought an Apple iPod Touch 3rd-gen around 7 months ago. Suddenly, it feels obsolete, specially that the new version had a slew of fantastic new features, all for the SAME price as its older sibling! Here are some of its new features:

1. FaceTime - Apple's answer to wireless video-calling. Only that it uses WiFi instead of the usual 3G. Which means, the new iPod Touch has a built-in front-facing camera! And, oh, an new HD camera is also slapped at the shiny, stainless steel rear of the device. In Steve Jobs' words: "iPhone without the contract."

2. Retina Display - any device's display is made up of pixels. The smaller the pixels, the sharper and clearer the display is. The new iPod Touch's display, similar to the iPhone 4's, is the displays most stunning and crispest text and images ever on a mobile device. The pixels are so small that the human eye cannot see the individual pixels.

3. HD Camera - to compliment the retina display, an HD camera that can record up to 720p videos in high-definition has been added. Footages can be edited on the spot using Apples iMovie application.

4. Game Center - Steve Jobs must have lacked the ideas to name this feature. This lamely-named feature is Apple's answer to Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Plus. The world's most popular handheld gaming device is now set to claim its share in the pie of online gaming.

5. The Size - No, this is not another of Jobs' misnamed products. The new iPod Touch is only 7.2 millimeters thin! Yet, its user may still have the confidence of not bending or breaking the device into two because of its trademark solid stainless back.

With all these features, you might even forget that the iPod Touch is an iPod!

If you have one of those old Apple iPod Touches, now might be the best time to upgrade to the new one. But, of course, owning an Apple product has its own bitter consequences. :p

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