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My Top 12 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010 | By Alexis | In , ,

Apple's iPod Touch is more than a media player. It is a mobile computer that makes you forget that it is an iPod! Thanks to a generous donor, I got myself an Apple iPod Touch a couple of months ago. Since then, it has transformed my mobile and online life! Of course, the reason for this are the countless apps available in Apple's App Store. Here are my Top 10 Apps, in no particular and significant order:

1. Facebook - having access to a computer and not having a Facebook account is a mortal sin. Checking Facebook updates on-the-go, plus chatting real-time is a breeze with Facebook's official app!

2. GoodReader - for bibliophiles like me, carrying a hundred books on a pocket-sized gadget is a dream. GoodReader has all the options that will make mobile reading comfortable wherever you may be. Plus, it supports more non-PDF formats than any other reader in the market. Simply said, the best mobile reader app on the planet!

3. Quickoffice - in today's world, it's hard to get away with Microsoft Office. Thank the app gods for Quickoffice. It is now possible to view, create and edit Microsoft Office documents on-the-go, and email the files on-the-spot!

4. IMDb - IMDb is undeniably the best site to be when it comes to movie and television info. In a dilemma at the cinema lobby on what to watch? Fire up the IMDb app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, check reviews and pick with confidence that you get a bang for every buck for your movie ticket!

5. SoundHound ∞ - SoundHound is the best buddy for your gadget's function to play music (right, it can play music!). You can hum, sing, or just let the app 'hear' a currently playing track on your device, and find the title, artist, album, lyrics, and other info about the song!

6. Opera Mini - slow WiFi is awful. A good workaround for this is to look for an expensive coffee shop and use their WiFi access. Better yet, use Opera Mini, simply the fastest mobile browser, even on slow connections!

7. Dunnit! - The perfect, free task & memo app on the iPhone!

8. - Need I elaborate on this? The best feature is: it's FREE.

9. Guitar Hero - the planet's best rhythm app! If you have played and loved the good ol' Tap Tap Revenge 3, you'll find Guitar Hero a fantastic addition to your rhythm games. Guitar Hero is just the app to get if you're tired of boring tapping to tunes.

10. Pocket God - Be the god of your very own citizens - on your iPhone. Do whatever you want to the creatures on your island and find out what kind of god you would be!

11. Angry Birds - Sir Orman can attest to this game's addictive content. You'll find yourself thinking for hours of strategies to win over the green pigs by destroying their fortified castles! This app will make you forget that your iPod is an iPod even more!

12. Need for Speed: Shift - I don't have a ride. But at least I can drive in the realistic steering-wheel-action fashion. This game puts the iPhone's accelerometer to good use as you use your device to steer your way to the finish line.

These apps are just some of the almost 100 that I have in my device. The Apple iPhone or the iPod Touch is an investment worth every penny! Well, until a new one is released, though.

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