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Rising and Thumping our Chests About

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | By Alexis | In

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall
Resilience summarizes the thought of Confucius, a great philosopher, who lived his teachings not just by mouth, but by his life.

Quit wondering why there are very few people who can manage to start and end the day with a smile despite the rising prices of commodities, including the so-called ‘ulam ng bayan’-instant noodles. Some might think that some people are just to numb to feel the ever-worsening situation of all- well, most- of the people in the tiny specks of land in the Pacific called the Philippines.

We have to admit that it is an undeniable fact that people of all sorts of life experience difficulties of all shapes and sizes. For each of these difficulties, we go through tough times, and even battles with these difficulties, and oftentimes, we battle with ourselves. Wishing that we wouldn’t have problems is good, but the wishing ends up in only one thing: still wishing for the problem-less life which nobody has ever experienced. Being great is not all about being the most problem-less person in the world. Nor is it about how we get away from the paths of difficulties, but it is about how we push through all difficulties. It is about how we learn to stand up everytime we fall. Failure is always the lamest excuse when people give up on something that is difficult, yet not impossible.

It is always a more inspiring sight to see people rising from the ashes, instead of the usual success stories that says of how a person rose and rose to success. Rags to riches stories bring more tears than fairytale endings that end with happily-ever-afters.

Rising everytime we fall is indeed the greatest triumph that we can thump our chests about, much more than mere avoidance of all the difficulties and life and learning the fewest of life’s lessons we could get along the road. By rising everytime we fall, we conquer not only our problems, but also ourselves.

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