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My Favorite GESM Blog Post

Posted on Sunday, July 18, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

Ganda Ever So Much!

In picking my favorite post in Sir Orman's blog,, I thought that it has to be something special from among the whopping 400+ posts in the blog in just under a year. But, believe it or not, there is one really recent blogpost that I have read more than once. It is the blog post entitled '21 Ways To Celebrate Happiness Today', posted the 15th of July.

1. Smile to everyone I meet
Happiness is sometimes dependent on the circumstances around us. But most of the time, happiness is a choice. By just smiling to everyone who may come our way is a simple way of telling ourselves that life is great because of the people who surround us. Sir Orman has hit the bull's eye by smiling to everyone as the top thing to do to celebrate happiness and life itself.

2. Compliment somebody
I am really good in criticizing people and stuff done by people. It sometimes feels awful to just keep within ourselves the things that we want to improve on other people's doings. But, friends, the bad things that we see are usually just those that are more visible to the eye. But the beauty of every man's work is in the miniscule details that most people fail to see. The most heart-warming things that can happen in any single day is making someone smile by admiring the beautiful details that the hearts and minds of other people has crafted like no other can.

3. Forgive somebody who has hurt you
I always remember our pastor reminding us not to take the communion when we have grudges in our hearts, or something with other people that bothers us. Right, freeing ourselves from the pain of having been hurt and the guilt of making someone's day miserable because of unforgiveness is one excellent way to free a little of the weight that we are burdened with.

4. Thank the janitor and security guards
Thanking people is one of the things that we often fail to do when people do little favors to us. Simple acts like opening the door for us, or buying a ten-peso bottle of water might be little, but a quick 'thank you' to people who do minuscule things for us is one way of celebrating happiness that people around us make life and living easier.

5. Give Peter Pilot pasalubong money
No, I do not have a driver named Peter, nor do I have a driver myself. But simply thinking that a little extra from our pockets would make a family happier on one weekend night is one thing that will paint a smile on our faces that will last even in our thoughts.

6. Enjoy a bubble bath tonight
We do not have a bath tub. So, no bubble baths for me. But the point in this is that pampering ourselves after making other people's lives a little happier does wonders to the way we think and how our mood runs throughout the day. A little satisfaction for ourselves will make us forget the problems that this crazy world is pushing hard on us, and will ultimately give us clearer thinking even for the tiniest decisions that we make in our daily lives.

7. Thank the Lord for a good day
Finally, giving thanks to the One who made everything possible in our day is the best thing to do in wrapping up our long, yet often short of hours, days. In every day, there are tons of reasons to be thankful for. The air that we breathe, the delicious food that we eat, the friends that we mingle with, all these little things that are often the most forgotten. If we had a fight with your significant other, having a significant other to discuss things over is still a thing that gives us a great deal of a reason to be thankful for. The Lord gives us reasons to be happy that we may fail to notice, and it is a matter of choice to be happy ourselves.

These are just seven of the 21 reasons presented in my most favorite post on GandaEverSoMuch. I could just imagine all the troubles of Sir Orman in dealing with his day-to-day living and, yet, he still managed to create a very insightful post of being happy despite the plethora of reasons to call a day 'ruined'. Most of the 21 points in the post are for other people, because celebrating happiness is sharing happiness. And nothing beats seeing other people smile because of the little things that we did to share our happiness.

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