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The Reason for Existence

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2010 | By Alexis | In

I have been writing for over a decade and I only get a few people to read my write-ups. I’ve also been reading for over a decade already. And the writings I read are made by big and small people with equally big minds, and equally big hearts to share what their amazing minds are coughing out.

I created this blog for more people to have a piece of my mind, and as a gratitude to all the big-hearted writers for all the things I’ve read.

When someone speaks, I listen. One really stupid thing about me is that when people speak, I absorb the thoughts of their words, even if the words were not intended for me. No, I don't eavesdrop. Accidentally, maybe. Through the years, I have heard of many beautiful, and not so beautiful, words. I think that it is a must for people around me to know the wonderful thoughts of others' words (no, not the eavesdropped ones!).

I just love the feeling of knowing that there are minds out there who could churn out words of wisdom and wisdumb. These words may move us to tears, paint a picture-perfect grin on our faces, or make us laugh like hell. Whatever the effects of these may be, these words, spoken, written or simply communicated by ocular images, these are worth sharing, and the world deserves to know parts of others' minds.

So, welcome to the life of a Filipino guy who cannot live without his mobile phone and whose day can never be complete without checking his email inbox. This blog will be about anything under the sun, from new discoveries on the world wide web to rants on public officials and smelly toilets, from something that fell out of the sky to some events or stuff that people are going crazy about! And, yes, I hope I keep blogging!

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