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FIVE Reasons NOT to love

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | By Alexis | In

5. You have a phobia of the Letter "O". The letter 'O' usually connotes something big and fearful. GandaEverSoMuch is indeed going big on the blogosphere, but is rather lovable. One cannot help but smile or shed a tear when reading the blog posts that range from the topics of current issues, events, and even updates of his colorful daily experiences as a banker, a blogger, a friend, a lover, and even just one of us who experience occasional emo attacks. When one visits for the first time, either or both of the following happens: the visitor clicks the 'Subscribe' button and/or the visitor shares the link on Facebook for everyone to visit. I did both! If the letter 'O' reminds you of a partner of a failed romance or something else not worth remembering, it's not yet too late to say 'O is for Orman' and it pays to follow the blog of this big and huggable O!

4.  You have sensitive, err, skin (?). If you try scanning his numerous blogposts (I've been wishing to have Sir Orman's daily blogging mood, but it seems that I can't get past the once-a-week mark!), you will find write-ups of beautifully-selected words, yet so straightforward, needs no explanations, and no hints of euphemisms! If you are one over-acting and onion-skinned reader (whom I think never existed at all!), you will find yourself crying, or steaming with anger while reading his posts. But one thing is for sure: you'll keep coming back for more. It is not always that we find blogs that are made of real awesomeness. And real awesomeness, for me, means coming straight from the heart, yet maintains the astounding level of respect that one wouldn't fail to notice.

3. The Internet (for you) is made up of Google and Friendster.  There is, definitely, a huge chance that you may not be reading this blog post at all.'s blog posts are written in a wonderful mix of English and Filipino that Google's web crawlers have a hard time understanding Filipino and may not appear on your search engine results. I, fortunately, not being one of you, discovered GandaEverSoMuch through the network of bloggers cleverly named as the Sox Bloggers. Together with his brother, Sir Avel of the Gen. Santos News Online Mag, we look upon them as the mothers of the Sox Bloggers as they light up the cyberspace with their talents and never fail to inspire us, or even just make us laugh our hearts out.

2.  You are my old professor back in college. I wouldn't worry saying her name here, because there is no possible way that she could find herself online, let alone discovering my blog and reading that she's on my Reason No. 2. But then, I say that the drying up of bodily juices is never a good excuse to stay offline. I'm not posting her name because, yes, miracles still happen. Whenever you find yourself online and looking for hope and inspiration, or even just something to give yourself a relaxing, hearty laugh, reading and subscribing to is the next smarter choice to taking yourself on a nature trip. The blog's articles are for everyone who find themselves clicking their way to little smiles in cyberspace. Events, self-help, shopping, stuff for the young ones and the young-at-heart, name it and at least one of the 491 (and counting) blog posts at the Web's most ganda-ever blog will surely be something that you can relate on.

1. You are from some unknown sitio and haven't heard of the Internet. No matter how good a blog is, if you are one who has been living in peace unaware of the existence of the Internet, this blog post, or even, would do no good for you. But if, by any chance, you find your way to modern civilization and set your hands on an internet-connected computer, visiting should be one of the sites that you should first visit. This blog is more than the entertainment that any YouTube viral video could be, and more than the fact book that Wikipedia could be. You'd sometimes be envious of the way the posts are written, but the beauty of appreciating, or maybe the usual getting-impressed with the blog, lies on the talent that no other blogger can be at par with. I'm glad that I do not have a single reason NOT to love, and I'm pretty sure that you'll never think of just one for yourself!

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