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My When-I-Get-a-Job Wishlist

Posted on Saturday, June 05, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

Having spent the last five years of my life in a school where you'd thank the gods for failing to acquire skin cancer (from extreme heat and lack of real airconditioning) and nervous breakdown (from over-acting and self-overrating college unstructors), you just can't imagine my relief when my days as a college student were over.

I finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. By the name of the degree conferred to me upon graduation, it is a given fact that the industry that my education would fit in is very unclear. And also, if possible, I refuse to be a second-class citizen of any country. In other words, I am unemployed, and I am an unproductive mass of life.

Don't get me wrong. I intend to land myself in a real job (which means, a job other than sitting in my mother's store and waiting for errands to wake me up from an open-eyed slumber). I have submitted an application to one of the good firms in the locality, and I think that they do not plan, in the next few decades, to respond to my application - which leaves me a lot of time to think about the real job to get. It is not all the time that monetary compensation matters in every job that we wish to be in. The satisfaction brought to us by things more valuable than money matter more, and will ultimately dictate the length of time that we will last as a worker of a firm - which is why I don't submit my application letters and CVs like promotional leaflets to every company possible. But no, now is not the time to think about the happiness factor of my future job. It's a beautiful weekend and I want to share some unimportant stuff!

Here's what I intend to buy with whatever monetary value that my yet-to-be-determined job will offer me:

  • A pair of eyeglasses - Ever since I learned to read in English, I have kept on reading almost anything with English text. Books, newspapers, pamphlets, product labels, user manuals, name it and it has found its way to my hands for my eyes to feast upon whenever I'm on a comfortable seat, on my bed, or the boring restroom sessions where most people just choose to stare at a blank wall while performing their daily duties in the restroom. More than a decade of tireless reading has taken its toll on my eyes. Frequent headaches while reading are not new to me anymore.  With this, with my first salary, I will buy myself a good pair of prescription spectacles and - yeah, right - keep reading!
  • A paid domain and hosting service - My previous attempt at blogging was almost successful, until my blog died that no blog CPR could even revive it - which explains why my personal blog is hosted on free but more reliable, and bitterly unflexible I plan to keep my personal blog here, and start a new one with renewed dedication and inspiration - with the hopes that it would not die a bitter death. At least with a paid domain and host, I get to blame and stab someone for my blog's (knocks on wood) death.
  • A pair of good earphones for my iPod Touch - I have really good ears. But sometimes, it pays to fail to hear some things not worth hearing. Just a couple of weeks ago, when I was on one of the late night bus trips going home, I overheard a couple fighting over something while on the bus. For me, it's fine. It's a matter of their personal businesses and I do not intend to write a novel out of their misfortunes in their lovelives. But, thing is, during the 45-minute ride on the huge bus less than 10 passengers on board, I somehow happened to put their quarrel on a mini-timeline in my mind and have gathered all the information necessary for a comprehensive showbiz write-up - without even intending to. It pays to leave some things unheard. I could have saved myself from hearing a love story that is not, in every possible reason, interesting at all. A good pair of earphones might just do the trick of preventing accidental eavesdropping!
These are just some of the stuff that I intend to buy first upon receiving my first paycheck. Anytime soon, I may land myself on a real job. I'm praying that it will be a good one, and a good one means way beyond monetary compensation. The old quip still works: "There are things money can't buy".

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