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Falling in Love with Robinsons Movieworld

Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

I am a certified movie buff. When I was in college, when the cat is away and wallets were full, I always see to it that I get to watch at least one movie in a week. I always frequent the cinemas that the attendants at the ticket booths might have noticed me as one of their regular customers.

No matter how cockroachy the smell of the theaters are (not to mention the sticky floor and couples creating their own porno flicks in the dark corners of the theaters), I still love watching movies on the big screen. One cannot make me watch a Hollywood blockbuster on pirated DVD on a tiny-teeny TV set when I can wait for the movie to come to our local theaters. For me, movie-watching is all about experience. Of course, the Oscar factor of every movie that we watch definitely matters. But no matter how Oscar-winnerish a film is, if it was not watched in the beauty and splendor that its director was thinking about, the experience of watching a supposedly wonderful movie is crap.

Speaking of experience, the experience of watching a great movie does not only involve a wonderful film, but also an equally-decent theater. You just can't imagine how happy I was when Robinsons Movieworld at Robinsons Place Gensan opened its doors to the public. I was only wishing for a decent theater to watch my favorite films, but Robinsons Movieworld delivers more than the decency that any movie buff would ask for.

Its four cinemas are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround sound systems, which explains why moviegoers feel that they are right in the middle of the action in the film. Next, its has fully-carpeted floors that make walking inside the theater more comfortable, and even quieter than a cat would. The seats on every theater are some of the most comfortable seats that a modern moviehouse can get. The seats are wide, and provide more than the comfortable legroom, plus, every seat is a 'love seat'! I remember long ago when couples have to scramble inside theaters in Metro Manila because only the seats near the aisles are 'love seats', which allow them to raise the armrest and cuddle while watching the movie.

Just last 22 May, I, along with members of the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers, was invited to a special VIP screening of Shrek Forever After in Digital 3D. Robinsons Movieworld features the first-ever 3D cinema in General Santos City, and General Santos City as the second city in Mindanao (after Davao) to have a 3D cinema (which, of course, is another reason for us to thump our chests about). Its 3D cinema is fitted with a Dolby Digital 3D projector, which is one the 3D projection systems that are on the rise today. It eliminates the need for an expensive silver screen, and is a plus for the environment, because of its reusable (and elegant) 3D glasses worth around US$20 a pair.

Press kits containing fact sheets, a press release, Movieworld and Shrek freebies, and a Robinsons Movieworld 3D Cinema shirt were given to us as we entered the theater. The moment we put on the Dolby Digital 3D glasses and the reel starts rolling, The Shrek Forever After in 3D experience at Robinsons Movieworld has started redefining the best of moviegoing experience for the people of General Santos City and neighbouring areas. I can't help but be amazed right from the start! The countdown to the film's start, where the numbers pop out of the screen, was a visual treat! Shrek Forever After was a great film by itself. But allowing the viewers to be right in the middle of the scene (imagine horse-drawn carriages to appear like running in the middle of the theater!) made the fun and excitement that Shrek and his adventures bring even more of a great and memorable experience!

Be one of the relatively few Filipinos to be able to watch a 3D film in their very own city, Generals! Catch Shrek and friends (and enemies) in their last film in its full three-dimensional glory right where its 'Mas Maganda Dito' promise delivers - Robinsons Place Gensan!

A huge thanks to Robinsons Place Gensan for the VIP pass, the proud-to-have press kit, the Jollibee burger and fries during the film, and for showing us what every movie-going experience should be all about!

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