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The 'Mas Maganda Dito' Promise Delivers!

Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 | By Alexis | In , ,

Aside from being a movie buff, I am also a self-proclaimed 'mall' person. Nothing beats hanging out in the mall during hot, lazy, full-wallet days. In recent times, the people of General Santos City have been beaming with pride of the rapid rise of places to go, even surpassing many cities that were once ahead of GenSan.

As a frequent mall-goer, I have learned to see what's hot and what's not in the mall industry. Just when I thought that what the malls in General Santos have been giving to us were just enough, Robinsons Place opened its doors to the public, bringing the best of the nation's shopping experiences under one elegant roof.

Photo by Robinsons Place Gensan

Robinsons Place GenSan, aptly called 'Rob' by mall-goers, gave the people of General Santos a real reason to thump their chests about. Rob has revolutionized the mall-going scene in the city and has successfully brought out the real tastes of Generals in shopping, dining and leisure. And not just that! It has given us more that what we have expected, that Generals have tough times realizing that they no longer need to go to some metropolis to satisfy their malling desires.

Robinsons Place GenSan features an Al Fresco strip that has revived the once-thought dead nightlife of the city, a one-stop supermarket that promises easy and affordable household shopping, a department store that houses the latest in fashion trends, and more than a hundred tenants that will surely leave us asking for nothing more. Robinsons Movieworld’s cinemas are the best that the city has, including one state-of-the-art 3D screen that promises eye-popping entertainment for the industry’s lowest ticket price! All of these leave us not questioning the ‘Mas Maganda Dito’ tagline of the mall.

Photo credits: Dr. Remo Aguilar,

And to solidify the mall's claim to the ‘Mas Maganda Dito’ promise, they even equipped the whole mall with absolutely free WiFi access – the first in the region! Rob is truly staying ahead of the times by embracing technology and letting its customers use it for free! In fact, the SOCCSKSARGEN bloggers are common sights in the mall's Food Court and Al Fresco areas where the WiFi signals are at the strongest levels (you'll know who to blame when you feel that all the bandwidth are being leeched by some laptop-dangling blogger!).

There is indeed no cooler and happier place to be in when in search for food, fun, and everything in between! Robinsons Place Gensan delivers! Rob's 'Mas Maganda Dito' promise makes the city's 'Magandang GenSan' tag more realistic than ever! By the final photo you can judge that free WiFi in General Santos City's most happening mall makes a bunch of happy bloggers! I might as well change my office address to Robinsons Place GenSan when I happen to decide to be a full time blogger. :p

Photo credits: Sir Orman Manansala,

Post Script: Thank you, Robinsons Place GenSan for the loot bag given last WiFi party and for keeping the restrooms sparkling, squeaky clean. :)

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