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The Manila Hostage Drama - Blames

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

Photo credits: Yahoo! Philippines

Monday's hostage drama that turned into a tragedy was an unprecedented blow to the Philippine government, and the nation as a whole. At least eight of tourists from Hong Kong were killed in a 10-hour hostage drama in the vicinity of Quirino Grandstand, in the tourist belt of Manila. What seems to promise a good end to the situation turned into a bloody resolution.

I join the people of Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China in mourning for the loss of its people. I join our country and its people in condemning this tragedy. I join the Filipino people in the shame for the wrongdoings of not just one, but many of my people. 我们很抱歉。

It is sad that tourists who simply wanted to see the beauty of this country have to be involved in a supposed-to-be domestic issue. Not one, but many people or groups, are taking the burdens of being blamed for Monday's tragedy. This is seen as President Aquino's first major challenge in his young administration. So, who must be blamed? It is just so annoying that blames are flying to and fro, and even some pathetic member of the opposition calls for the resignation of some cabinet officials, in an attempt to politicize the situation (read: Edcel Lagman).

PNP's admission of faults in their handling of the hostage crisis is admirable, but those who wash hands off the situation are plain cowards for not performing their duties, or overperforming (read: broadcast media) their roles. Nobody involved (the police, the Cabinet secretaries, the President, the mediamen, the 'usiseros' at Quirino Grandstand) has no business of blaming anyone without doing a self-check on what they have done (and not done). Let the blaming begin and let's see if will lead us to something significant. Let the course of fairness and order do its job and let us recover from this irreversible happening and move on for the good of the people of the two nations.

We may see all the criticisms and harsh words against the Filipino people as unfair remarks and hasty generalizations. But it is a Filipino who drew first blood. Unfair the comments may be, but a simple understanding of the emotions of a people at loss will suffice for all the pain of accepting some of the bitter truths, and many of the more bitter accusations and generalizations. After all, the Philippines is still a great nation with some of the most loving people in the world.

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