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Why Watching the Michael J Tribute Concert is a Must

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 | By Alexis | In

Since time immemorial, I've been seeing Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, doing his phenomenal dance moves, get in and out of court, but still be loved by millions of fans all over the world. His untimely death last year shocked the whole world and, for one last time, Michael Jackson became a sensation over the internet and all other media. I, of course, am one of those who were saddened by the untimely demise of the 'King of Pop'.

I have always wanted to see MJ himself doing the moves that has set the bar for the world of pop. Unfortunately, the best (we thought) that we could see of MJ are his numerous music videos and the movie 'This Is It', which contains the video footages of his supposed-to-be upcoming series of concerts.

Good thing is, there is an even bigger fan- Kenny Wizz- who has mastered the King of Pop's music and moves, and he's coming to General Santos City to prove to the world that Michael Jackson's music lives forever. Right, it's the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in GenSan! What's more? Gensan News Online Mag, the region's number one blog, is now giving us a chance to be in the concert for free! Just give reasons Why Watching the Michael J Tribute Concert a Must. Here are mine:

  • Kenny Wizz is the next big thing after "This Is It" - One cannot help but be amazed by how Michael Jackson's last concert series in London was carefully planned to make the concert itself a work of art. It can be remembered that Michael Jackson never fails to give his fans a great time in any concert that he has performed in. He loves his fans so much that he does all that he can for them to see the King of Pop at his best. Now that it is impossible for the millions of fans who have not even caught a single glimpse of MJ, the next best thing to see is Kenny Wizz, who has mastered the moves of MJ, and even looks like the King himself! Kenny Wizz has been impersonating MJ since his early twenties, and today, Kenny Wizz is known to be one of the best Michael Jackson tribute artists.
  • The Michael Jackson Tribute Concert is just one of the big concerts that's lifting General Santos City on its way to be South Central Mindanao's concert capital! The concert will take place at Mindanao's largest airconditioned gymnasium, the General Santos City Gym at Lagao. Recently, a number of big personalities have set stage in the city's "Big Dome". This is one event that we can do some chest-thumping for ourselves!
  • This could be that last time that we may see the someone, of amazingly close resemblance to MJ, perform the way Michael Jackson does. Come on, friends. We have missed to see Michael Jackson himself perform live (which is my dream, by the way). Would you dare to miss this chance?
For everyone who missed Michael Jackson and/or want to relive memories of performances of the late King of Pop, this is your chance to be in a close-to-MJ concert!

This concert is made possible by Digital Detours Inc. and JeTV Channel 43.

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