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Sex and the University

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010 | By Alexis | In ,

This write-up, by this blog's author, was published in BAGWIS, the official student publication of MSU General Santos, Volume XXV, Number 2.

Over the years, the issue of sex and its consequences in a society where it shouldn’t be an issue in the first place is increasingly becoming heard of, increasingly becoming public, and increasingly becoming the norm, as compared to the Filipino society pictured in our history books. Sleepless nights, infant formulas, the delivery room, name in and a kilometer of paper won’t be enough to list all the names of those who are ready to testify about the joy of having sex and the pain of regret of having sex the night before. 

As college students in this university, many may find the pleasures of independence as fun, because no one will watch over their nasty deeds, and makes it pretty simple to perform such deeds. It’s as if they are overdoing the ‘go forth and multiply’ clause in a religious text. There is an increasing rate of pregnancies in this university amongst the students who do not even look old enough and ready enough to be mothers. A long story goes after defiling their bedrooms, boarding houses, the university’s dormitories and grass fields, even the ministry cottages in the university. The climax would be after using a home pregnancy kit from the friendly neighborhood drugstore and the cries of a newborn baby whose father is telling him that he’s not supposed to come out this year.

Enjoying the pleasure of procreation at the right time is God-given and will definitely bring joy to anyone who sees and hears about it. But enjoying it at the wrong time will make eyebrows meet and will become the talk of the neighborhood as if seeing an underage mother is not common nowadays.

With the advent of modern technology, more and more ways of fulfilling these earthly desires are becoming widely available. This is primarily the reason of the prevalence of videos showing the supposed-to-be private moments of two (at least?) people being broadcasted from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi.

More commonly known as ‘sex scandals’, these are created for who-knows-what purposes and sometimes for money. These sex scandals supposedly involve celebrities doing the thing. But the Philippine side of the story redefines it into simply a video of absolutely anybody having sex, and naming the videos after prominent schools or places in order to identify the places the videos were taken or the school where the ‘actors and actresses’ in the ‘love story’ are studying.

The widespread use of the internet propagates the sex scandals into cyberspace, where every living being on earth that has access to the internet can view it. Another way of spreading it would be through wireless technologies that allow the sharing of absolutely anything over the air. It’s an amazing, no-fuss technology misused by people who are overdosed with lust.

I’m pretty sure that the manufacturers of mobile phones were thinking about scenes of family vacations, spectacular sunsets, and friends having great quality times. But as one will surf the net and click on one of those scandals (yes, it’s as easy as that), one will see the creation of a family during vacations, love-making during sunsets, and friends enjoying the earthly pleasures of putting dirty deeds onto tape and spreading it to the world, thinking that they’d be rewarded for what they did.

Despite the prevalence of these sex scandals and the alarmingly increasing rates of teenage pregnancies, the government has been slow in addressing the ever-worsening situation that is visualized with technology that’s supposed to be used for productivity of daily human lives. To add to that, the university populace cannot see moves being undertaken by the administration to catalyze the improvement of the status quo.

Though tracing the problem and solving it from the roots may seem impossible because of man’s free will, we still need to see changes being started by the governing body doing the least it can do to solve this problem. Long gone are the days of the innocent youth.

Image: Rape by ~Flickan. Used with permission.

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